Anonymous tips are received on the local Raton Crime Stoppers tips hotline phone which is (575) 245-TIPS (8477). This phone number is answered 24/7 by an answering service which specializes in Crime Stoppers programs. Their phone system does not provide caller ID and conversations are not recorded. The operator will ask questions to obtain all the same type of information that is requested with our secure online reporting form. 

If the tip is for a crime in progress, or other time-sensitive matter, the answering service will request the pertinent information and then notify the Colfax County central dispatch facility in Raton so that law enforcement personnel can be dispatched to the scene.  All other tips are sent by the answering service to us via email and reviewed each morning by the volunteer responsible for passing this information along to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

By guaranteeing a caller`s anonymity, Raton Crime Stoppers allows the caller to give information in a positive atmosphere without the prospect of retribution. By offering cash rewards for information leading to arrests, the recovery of stolen property, and/or the confiscation of illegal drugs, our program encourages otherwise reluctant callers to provide information.